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Precut Silk, Fiberglass, with adhesive

Precut nail tip shape for easy application. Each piece has 7 tip shape precut. Comes in pack of 10 pieces or 50 pieces. Select from Silk or Fiberglass.

**out of stock** PRESILK-10                Precut Silk, 10 pieces                       $4.50

**out of stock** PREFIBER-10               Precut Fiberglass, 10 pieces             $4.50

**out of stock** PRESILK-50                Precut Silk, 50 pieces                        $16.00

**out of stock** PREFIBER-50               Precut Fiberglass, 50 pieces              $16.00

Silk, Linen Strip, plain (non adhesive)

Strip size, 1.25" x 36". Select from Silk or Linen.

SILKSTRIP-U             Silk Strip plain, 1.25" x 36"           $5.00

LINENSTRIP-U           Linen Strip plain, 1.25" x 36"            $5.00

Silk, Fiberglass Strip, with adhesive

Adhesive strip, 1.1" x 36". Select from Silk or Fiberglass.

SILKSTRIP              Silk Strip, 1.1" x 36"            $7.00

FIBERSTRIP           Fiberglass Strip, 1.1" x 36"            $7.00





Put Me On High Viscosity Gel

Thick gel for wrap application. Could be brush over, squeeze on and spread on. Size 20 gm. Available in Red label (thick) and Silver label (less thick).

  PUTMEON-GEL   Put Me On Gel (red label), 20 gm            $10.00

 **out of stock** PUTMEON-GEL-1         Put Me On Gel (silver label), 20 gm            $10.00


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