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  NSI Polish Pro Eco Soak Off Gels


UV Gels & Accessories


Igel No Wipe Top coat, 0.5 oz.

 Impeccable Soak Off Gel Polish No-Wipe Top Coat - Both UV/LED light cured - Super shiny finish - No need to wipe/cleanse with alcohol - Soak off fast - Long lasting wear.

IGEL-TC     IGEL No Wipe Top Coat, 0.5 oz.   $10.00


Le Chat, Gelos Gel Thiner, 1 oz.

  • Restores ANY gel or gel polish that has thickened while maintaining
    its original curing time

  • Thin out any viscous sculpting gels
  • Allows for easier application of your favorite gels
  • Maximize the use of all soak off and non soak off UV/LED curable gels
  • Packaged with dropper for accurate usage

No more wasting product or money. With our new Gelös™ Gel Thinner,
use with any gel polish or traditional gel to extend the life of your product.

**out of stock** GLST01     Gelos Gel Thinner, 1 oz.   $11.50


IBD Soak Off Gel System

Soak of is a high quality formula that leads the way in gel technology.

Created with perfect viscosity for quick and easy application, Soak Off gel keeps nails looking natural and healthy.

Soak Off promotes growth and is easily removed using Soak Off Remover.

Our special formulated Remover contains moisturizing oils to prevent drying of the natural nail and cuticles.

Soak Off Remover is formulated for use only with the Soak Off Gel System.

  IBD Soak Off Gel System includes:
- 4oz Soak Off Gel remover
- 2oz Cleanser Plus
- 0.5oz Soak Off Clear Gel
- 0.5oz Soak Off Clear Builder Gel
- 0.5 ibd Dehydrate
- 0.5oz ibd Bonder
- 4 sheets of 20 Nail Wipes
- 20ct Classic French Tips
- Instruction Booklet
- 0.25 Soak Of Gel Polish - Dreamy
- 0.25 Soak Of Gel Polish - Day Dream

**out of stock** 72114      IBD Soak Off Gel System   $39.98


IBD Sparkle & Shine through the holiday time!

Dazzle and delightthrough the holiday season with some of our most festive gel colors, NEW IBD "Goji Berry lotion" and chic gold clutch.

  Package includes:
- 1 Gold Garland gel, 0.25 oz.
- 1 Silver Bells gel, 0.25 oz.
- 1 Frost Glitter, 0.125 oz.
- 1 NEW!, IBD Goji Berry Lotion, 1 oz.
- 1 Jewelry clutch.

22773      IBD Sparkle & Shine Deal   $19.88 $9.88


IBD IBD Soak Off Gel and Remover


Gels are now easier than ever. Soak Off Gel and Remover by ibd is a new nail care system that makes creating and removing gels easy and fast. The clear gel cures in three minutes and can be worn over natural nails or with tips. Soak Off Remover ( use with ibd Soak Off gel only) removes a full set in only 10 minutes.


link to more "Soak Off Gels"

72110      IBD Clear Soak Off Gel, 0.5 oz.   $12.88

72111      IBD Soak Off Gel Remover, 4 oz.   $3.00

77777      IBD Clear Soak Off Gel, 0.5 oz. + Remover, 4 oz.   $14.88


IBD Precious Metal Collection


Kit contains,

6 - 0.25 oz. Gel Polish

Green, Rose Gold, 24K, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Copper

Intense Seal 0.25 oz.

Cleanser Plus 1 oz.

Bonder 0.25 oz.

5 Nail Wipes

Storage Case

60586      IBD Precious Metal Collection   $27.98


IBD Sweet Confection


Kit contains,

6 - 0.25 oz. Gel Polish

Butter Rum, Tangerine Dream, Apricot Cream, Lime Drop, Glacial Mint & Sweet Berry.

Intense Seal 0.25 oz.

Cleanser Plus 1 oz.

Bonder 0.25 oz.

5 Nail Wipes

Storage Case

**out of stock** 60693      IBD Sweet Confection   $27.98

IBD Introductory Gel Kit

Designed to help you stand apart from your competition, ibd gels more beautiful and natural looking than any other! Everything you need in this introductory kit to create beautiful nails. Kit includes:


1 - Bonder 0.25 oz

1 - Clear Gel 0.25 oz

1 - Builder Gel 0.25 oz

1 - Pink Gel 0.25 oz

1 - White Gel 0.25 oz

1 - Cleanser Plus 1.0 oz

20 - Nail Wipes

1 - Gel Brush

Instruction Booklet

**out of stock** IBD-INTRO      IBD Introductory Kit    $28.88

IBD Professional Gel Kit
This professional kit includes everything needed to begin offering a complete line of UV Gel services. A full color booklet contains step-by-step instructions on the latest gel application techniques.

Kit Contains: 1/2 oz. Clear Gel, 1/2 oz. Clear Builder Gel, 1/2 oz. Ultra White Builder Gel, 1/2 oz. Pink Builder Gel, 1/2 oz. Gel Polish, 1/2 oz. Bonder, 2 oz. Cleanser Plus, 4 oz. Nail Prep, 5 Second Ultra Fast Nail Glue, 5 Second Gel Glue, Gel Brush, Nail Wipes, White Padded Files, Cuticle Pushers, Nail Tips, Instruction Booklet.

**out of stock** IBD-PRO      IBD Professional Kit    $79.98     $59.88


IBD Diva Collection Gel Polish


NEW! IBD Diva Collection Gel Polish. Diva Nails Gel Polish can be applied over your natural nails for strength, tips overlays, or enhancements. 6 new colors designed to bring out the Diva in you.


Kit includes:

Carrying case ,

Bonder 0.5 oz.,

Intense Seal 0.1875 oz.,

Cleanser Plus 1 oz.,

Nail Wipes,

6 of the New Color Gels 0.25 oz. each: ( Party Til' Dawn, De'Lish, Up All Night, Autograph, Pamper Me, and Paparazzi )


 60584         IBD Diva Color Gel Collection   $27.98



IBD Instructional Gel Application DVD

Step by step gel application from IBD.

IBD-DVD      IBD Gel DVD    $15.00



IBD UV Topcoat

UV Topcoat is a premier UV Topcoat for fastest dry time, longest durability and high shine. Dries with any UV lamp for a super-durable finish over natural nails, artificial nails and polish.

**out of stock** 97210      IBD UV Topcoat, 0.5 oz.    $6.50

61214      IBD UV Topcoat, 4 oz.    $35.00



IBD Dehydrate

Nail dehydrate and ph balancing agent. Use it for stronger bonding of acrylic, gels and nail polishes.

60112      IBD Dehydrate, 0.5 oz.    $4.95



IBD Natural Nail Primer, 0.5 oz.

Prepares the nail for maximum adhesion. Strongest primer on the market.

* IBD-60830      IBD Natural Nail Primer, 0.5 oz.    $4.78



IBD Bonder, 0.5 oz.

Non-acid primer for use with any UV gel and UV acrylic. Strong adhesion. Lasting bond odorless.

IBD-BONDER      IBD Bonder, 0.5 oz.    $11.18

IBD Clear Gel
Provides a thin, clear and shiny surface that looks and feels completely natural. Perfect for natural nail overlays. Cure time: 30 seconds.

IBD-CLEAR-05     IBD Clear gel, 0.5oz.    $11.18

IBD-CLEAR-2     IBD Clear gel, 2oz.    $29.58

IBD-CLEAR-8     IBD Clear gel, 8oz.    $78.00

IBD Ultra Seal Clear
A universal UV sealant to protect all Acrylics, Wraps, and Gels. Creates an ultra tough, permanent, smooth, high-shine finish that never fades or dulls. Virtually eliminates buffing and reduces maintenance time. It’s a “must have” everyday product. Available in clear, pink, and beige. Cure time: 1 minute.

IBD-USCLEAR-05     IBD Ultra Seal Clear, 0.5oz.    $11.18

**out of stock** IBD-USCLEAR-4     IBD Ultra Seal Clear, 4oz.    $42.38

IBD 61176



IBD Builder Gel
Get the strength of acrylics and clear look of gels. Builder Gels wear naturally on nails and are ideal for tip overlays and sculpting. They are odor-free, have a permanent high gloss shine, and available in the gentle, cool cure formula. Cure time: 3 minutes.

IBD-BGCLEAR-05     IBD Builder Gel Clear, 0.5oz.    $11.98

IBD-BGCLEAR-2     IBD Builder Gel Clear 61176, 2oz.    $32.00  

IBD-BGPINK-05     IBD Builder Gel Pink, 0.5oz.    $11.98

IBD-BGPINK-II-05     IBD Builder Gel Pink II, 0.5oz.    $11.98

IBD-BGPINK-III-05     IBD Builder Gel Pink III, 0.5oz.    $11.98

IBD-BGPINK-IV-05     IBD Builder Gel Pink IV, 0.5oz.    $11.98

IBD-BGPINK-V-05     IBD Builder Gel Pink-V, 0.5oz.    $11.98

IBD-BGPINK-2     IBD Builder Gel Pink, 2oz.    $28.00  

IBD-BGPINK-II-2     IBD Builder Gel Pink II, 2oz.    $28.00  

IBD-BGPINK IV-2     IBD Builder Gel Pink IV, 2oz.    $28.00  

IBD-BGWHITE-05     IBD Builder Gel White, 0.5oz.    $11.98

IBD-BGUWHITE-05   IBD Builder Gel Ultra White, 0.5oz. $11.98

IBD-BGUWHITE-2   IBD Builder Gel Ultra White, 2oz.    $28.00

IBD French Xtreme Gel


IBD-60695      IBD French Xtreme, Clear, 0.5 oz.    $15.95

**out of stock** IBD-60696      IBD French Xtreme, Blush, 0.5 oz.    $15.95

IBD-60697      IBD French Xtreme, Pink, 0.5 oz.    $15.95

IBD-60698      IBD French Xtreme, White, 0.5 oz.    $15.95




IBD Nail Prep, 4 oz.

Instantly cleanses and sanitizes the nail surface with fast-acting anti-fungal and antibacterial agents. Greatly improves bond speed and adhesion. Available with convenient spray pump. The first step to any artificial nail application.

IBD-PREP      IBD Nail Prep, 4 oz.    $5.88







IBD Artificial Nail Remover, 16 oz.

Remove all artificial nail products for acrylics, wraps, gels, tips and glues. Fast, safe, anti-fungal agent.

72106      IBD Artificial Nail Remover, 16 oz.   $8.88




IBD Cleanser Plus
Instantly removes tacky Gel residue after curing. Will not streak or dull Gel finish. Contains anti-fungal and antibacterial agents for sanitizing. The final step to cleansing all gel services. Cleanses brushes.  Available in 2 oz., 8 oz. & 16 oz.

IBD-CLEANSER-8     IBD Cleanser plus, 8 oz.    $8.88

*out of stock* IBD-CLEANSER-16     IBD Cleanser plus, 16 oz.    $13.88



IBD Nail Wipes

Fiberless pads will not scratch or dull surfaces. Economical and sanitary way to remove tacky Gel residue with Cleanser Plus and dust prior to product application. Can also be used to remove nail polish as an alternative to cotton.

Lint-Free 80 wipes.


IBD-WIPES      IBD nail wipes    $3.88




IBD White Padded Nail File

120/180 grit files. To lightly file and smooth Gels, Acrylics, Wraps and Natural Nails. Resin coated for durability.

IBD-FILE      IBD white file    $1.18


IBD 2 Sided Cuticle Pusher, Set of 3.

Variety pack includes 3 sizes of two-sided cuticle pushers. Comfortable design prevents hand fatigue. Impervious to solvents. Can be disinfected.

IBD-CPUSH      IBD cuticle pusher, set of 3    $4.95


IBD Metal Spatula

Great for stirring all gels, including our Gel Polish and Glitter Gels.

   IBD-SPAT      IBD metal spatula    $4.78

IBD Clear Gel Nail Forms

Create a perfect nail with self-stick disposable gel nail forms. Great for sculpting on any finger shape. 250 forms per roll.

**out of stock** IBD-71819    IBD Clear Gel Nail Forms, 250/roll    $10.38

IBD Intense Seal *(a UV light is needed to cure it.)

Introduces the latest technology in gel perfection; Intense Seal: 100% UV Dry. The only no-cleanse sealer, on the market, that provides a protective seal while eliminating buffing and yielding a mirror glass finish. Used on gels, acrylics and wraps, maintaining artificial nails is no longer arduous. This buffer-in-a-bottle seals the cuticle and creates a smooth surface, while preventing solvent attack, as well as, polish stains. That means no more yellow Frenchs; the built in U.V. Blockers keep nails gorgeous and lily white.

Intense Seal allows you to save precious minutes with a one-step, preventative lifting seal. No cleansing, no buffing; just brush, cure, and go! IBD Introduces the Ultimate time saver for nail technicians.


   IBD-ISEAL      IBD Intense Seal, 0.5 oz    $9.00

   IBD-ISEAL-8      IBD Intense Seal, 8 oz    $62.88






Professional Gel Brush Set of 4
Set includes a round, flat, oval and detailing brush. Set contains all the brushes you need to create perfect gel nails.

   DL-C95     Professional Gel Brush, Set of 4     $2.70






IBD Professional Gel Brush
Clear acrylic handle for comfort and easy cleaning.

**out of stock** IBD-60864     IBD Professional Gel Brush     $14.38






IBD Deluxe Round Gel Brush

**out of stock** IBD-60863     IBD Deluxe Gel Brush     $12.78






IBD Flat Gel Brush

IBD-60862     IBD Flat Gel Brush     $11.98






Creative, Crystal Touch Oval #6 Gel Brush
A round, tapered sculpting brush to be used with Brisa Gel.

**out of stock** CR08091   Creative Crystal Touch #6 Gel Brush      $15.15


6 watt high intensity LED lamp
Cures all types of LED gels
30 second built-in timer
Uniform light cure for 50,000 plus hours
No bulb replacement needed
Compact design

1 year warranty, Dimension - W=5.1" x D=4" x H=2.5"

IBD61109    IBD LED Ilite      $30.00

Rapidcure Mach I, 9 watts LED UV curing lamp.

Purchase One Rapidcure Mach I LED Lamp, Get One Nouveau Nail One-Step UV/LED Gel System

Starter Kit FREE! ($104.90 Combined Value) Premium single process gel cures in under 30 seconds under the Mach I LED Lamp! Easy application, glossy finish and unmatched strength and durability.

System kit includes: Crystal Clear UV/LED Gel .25oz, Finishing Wipe 2oz, Professional Tip Assortment 50ct, Dual Shape Nail Forms 10ct, Gel Brush. Please note that the Mach I LED Lamp works fastest with Nouveau Nail One-Step UV/LED Gel System. It may cure other brands of LED gel and gel polish at a slower rate.

RC-9    Rapidcure 9 watts LED UV Lamp/ Gel kit     $44.00

Harmony Gelish LED 18G Lamp



Introducing the New 3rd Generation LED Gel Light by Gelish®

Cures all Five Fingers in :05 SECONDS

The Gelish® LED 18G is a scientifically- engineered, precisely-calibrated authentic LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light of exceptional quality. It is specially designed for rapid, efficient gel curing, particularly for the high-performance Gelish® Soak-Off Gel Polishes.

The Gelish® LED 18G will quickly and comfortably cure gels to effectively ensure the smoothest, most level gel-drying. The quiet and rugged Gelish® LED 18G light is guaranteed to provide years of reliable in-salon performance, without any variations in curing-time temperatures while consistently producing properly-cured gels.

LED lights are faster and more reliable, far better for gel application than UV light. Now, never replace a bulb again! The Gelish® LED 18G’s lights won’t ever need bulb replacements... unlike UV lights that have 4 or more bulbs which require full replacements every few years.

And the Gelish® LED 18G lights last up to 50,000 hours of normal salon use without any diminished brightness or power throughout the product’s entire lifespan. Guaranteed!

LED 18G Light - The ultimate professional salon curing experience.

This new and versatile LED Lamp Cures all Five Fingers, is Motion Activated, Cures Gelish® Foundation in 5 seconds! This LED 18G lamp also features a Patent Pending™ (Limits light exposure), Magnetic tray for effortless, thorough sanitizing, preset LED Display Timer with Countdown, preset Cure Times: 5, 20, 30 seconds, Digital Greetings, High Intensity Diamond Reflectors, acetone resistance, ergonomic design, client comfort pad, (18) 2-watt LED Lights [=32 watts].

Additionally, all unit light spaces is utilized, and you will never need to replace bulbs. The LED 18G lamp has consistent power and performance from the first second out of the box through to the 50,000th hour.



  HG-18G    Harmony Gelish LED 18G Lamp   $399.00  $288.00




Artistic LED Pro 30 UV Lamp


   Artistic LED Pro 30 Light

- Cures all 5 fingers Simultaneously

- Motion Sensor Activated

- Rapidly cures Artistic Soak-Off Bonding Gel in seconds

- Removable Magnetic Tray for effortless sanitizing

- LED Display timer with countdown

- Available cure times: 10, 20, 30, & 40 seconds

- 8 Diamond reflectors

- Spacious Interior

- Acetone Resistant Casing

- Sleek Ergonomic Design

- (12) 2.5-Watt LED Lights (= 30 Watts)

- Permanent Bulbs

- AC 100-240V 50 HZ/60H

- All-Inclusive One-year Product Warranty

- Complies with worldwide Safety Standards


03299    Artistic LED Pro 30 U.V. Lamp   $340.00 $258.00




SuperNail LED UV Lamp


  • Cures all LED gels
  • Easy to use controls with auto sensor (10, 30, 60 seconds timer)
  • No bulb replacement nedded (50,000+ hours of usage)
  • Adjustable heights - fold-out legs
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


 SN51024    SuperNail LED U.V. Lamp   $228.00




Thermal Spa LED Gel Light, one hand

Thermal spa professional LED Gel Light nail dryer. New LED Technology, time and energy saving.


  • Timer (10-30-60 seconds) & sensor.
  • Accommodates one hand or foot.
  • LED lights provide a quick & uniform cure fo 50,000+ hours.
  • Bottom reflection design for maximum cure.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


TS49171     Thermal Spa LED Gel Light  $99.00




Thermal Spa 45 watts U.V.Lamp

Thermal spa professional u/v light gel dryer for beautiful manicures. with 45 watts of power reduces drying time for u/v top coat and gel applications. made with heavy-duty steel construction for durability, with a sleek design.

  • Maximum UV reflection design
  • Comfortably accommodates two hands or feet
  • 3 settings (Constant and Auto-off function for 2 or 3 minutes)
  • Powerful - Now 45 watts (9 watts x 5 bulbs)
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


TS49135     Thermal Spa 45watts U.V. Lamp  $88.00  $58.88

TS49134    TS 9 watts U.V. bulb, replacement, each  $9.00




CND, 36 watts U.V.Lamp

For use with, Shellec , Brisa Gel & all other UV gels.

- 5 fingers cure

- Pedicure friendly

- 4 progremmable timer

- Interior fan

- 4x 9 watts bulbs deliver 36 watts of cure

- Bulb replacement indicator

- Ergonomic design

- Bulb "ON" indicator

- Comfortable handle for easy transport

- 7 feet removable power cord

- Easy to clean

- Small footprint (10.75" x 7.75" x 4.5" - 3.5 pounds)

- One year warranty


Brand new lamp, limited quantity!

  CNDUV36     Creative, 36 watts U.V. Lamp   $90.00

  CNDUV36BULBS   Replacement bulbs set for CNDUV36  $40.00

IBD 8 Watts Jet Lamp 1000

Space-saving one-handed "UV only" Lamp dries any UV topcoat, Gel or Acrylic.
Advanced reflector system generates more UV output than lamps with higher wattage for an even cure around the entire nail. Timer included.


Kit includes:

1 - Jet 1000 lamp

1 - Timer

1 - DVD Instruction

1 - Window Decal

and warranty


IBD-1000-110   IBD Jet 1000 Kit, 110 volts   $100.88  $88.00

IBD-1000-220   IBD Jet 1000 Kit, 220 volts    $100.88  $88.00

IBD-60852    Replacement Reflector set for IBD Jet 1000,    $15.98  

UVBULB-4    Replacement bulb for IBD Jet 1000, each    $5.50  

Brand - USHIO, made in Japan

Ikonna 48 watts UV Gel Curing Lamp

The 48 Watt Ultraviolet Gel Curing Light has two settings: 120 second and 180 second. Four 12-watt light bulbs are included . It is safe and effective for use with top coats and gels. It is a one-hand light.

**out of stock** UV48-110   Ikonna 48 watts lamp, 110 volts    $60.00

UVBULB-12   12 watts replacement bulb   $9.00  

36 watts UV Gel Curing Lamp

The 36 Watt Ultraviolet Gel Curing Light has two settings: 90 second and 120 second. Four 9-watt light bulbs are included . It is safe and effective for use with top coats and gels. It is a one-hand light.

 **out of stock**UV36-110   36 watts lamp, 110 volts    $59.00

 **out of stock**UV36-220   36 watts lamp, 220 volts    $59.00 

UVBULB-9   9 watts replacement bulb   $8.00 

9 watts UV Gel Curing Lamp

Portable, light weight gel curing light.

**out of stock** UV9-110   9 watts lamp, 110 volts    $37.95

UV9-220   9 watts lamp, 220 volts   $37.95

UVBULB-9   9 watts replacement bulb   $8.00 


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