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 Nail Tek, Buy One Get One Free **Limited Quantity**

Nail Tek Protection Plus III with FREE Foundation III

Deal includes:

Nail Tek Protection Plus III - .5 oz.
Nail Tek Foundation III - .5 oz.

NT-22501       Nail Tek BOGO Deal 22501   $5.50

Nail Tek Ceramic Glaze Durable Topcoat & Optical Brightener


Ceramic Glaze Durable Topcoat, No Chipping! No UV Light! No Damaged Nails Polish last up to 2 weeks!

Ceramic Glaze Optical Brightener, Your nails never look so healthy! This unique polish layer uses optical enhancers to accentuate normal, healthy coloration of the natural nail. Yellow, dingy nails look brighter and healthier.

NK-42000       Nail Tek Ceremic Glaze Topcoat, 0.5 oz.   $3.48

NK-41000       Nail Tek Ceremic Glaze Basecoat, 0.5 oz.   $3.48

NailTek Crystal File

Seal and protect your nails tips with this file featuring a special patented surface that helps prevent splitting and peeling of natural nails. Abrasive surface will not wear out. Made from fine, imported, tempered glass. Lifetime replacement guarantee.

Comes in 3 sizes, Professional (7 inches), Regular (5 inches) & Mini (3 inches) Also available Swarovski Edition (NT-55583)

    NK19190    Professional Size NailTek Crystal File, each        $10.88

   NT-55576 Reg. Size NailTek Crystal File/ case, Fuchsia, each   $8.00

NT-55577 Reg. Size NailTek Crystal File/ case, Cobalt Blue,    $8.00

   NT-55583    Reg. Size NailTek Crystal File/case/Swarovski Crystal  $11.88


Nail Tek Restore Damaged Nails Kit

Repair nail damaged from gel nails, uv polishes & other artificial nail products.

Kit includes:

Foundation II - .5 oz.
Intensive Therapy II - .5 oz.
RENEW - .5 oz.

NK10061       Nail Tek Restore Damaged Nails Kit   $10.50


Nail Tek Transition Kit

Go from Artifical to Natural Nails

Transition Kit includes:

Foundation II - .5 oz.
Intensive Therapy II - .5 oz.
RENEW - .5 oz.

NT-55524       Nail Tek Transition Kit   $10.50


Nail Tek Pedicure Kit

Everytime you need to complete a basic pedicure in the comfort of your home.

Kit includes:

Foundation III - .5 oz.
Protection Plus III - .5 oz.
RENEW - .5 oz.

NT-55525       Nail Tek Pedicure Kit  Price: $10.50


Nail Tek Anti Fungal Kit

Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal, 0.33 fl oz.
Active Ingredient: Miconazole Nitrate 2% USP

Clinically Proven - Physician Approved

Treats Fungus - Stops Redness Safely

Treats fungus where it grows

The most effective treatment available without a prescription.

Includes a 0.17 oz. Nail Tek Renew.

**out of stock** NT-55589       Nail Tek Anti Fungal Kit   $7.80


Nail Tek Hydration Therapy, Cuticle Creme, 0.75 oz.

Oil enriched formula

Hydration Therapy Cuticle Creme is a scientifically balanced combination of essential oils and creme that restores and protects cuticles and surrounding skin while improving cuticle appearance. It incorporates a blend of nutrient-rich essential oilsinto a soothing creme to establish and maintain a healthy moisture balance for cuticle. 0.75 oz

 NT-55554    Nail Tek HT Cuticle Creme, 0.75oz.    $3.80


Nail Tek Maintenance Plus I

For strong, healthy nails

Keeps nails strong and protected. It is more than just maintenance - it is continuing therapy to help keep nails long and beautiful. Once you have long beautiful nails, Maintenance Plus will condition, protect, and improve them.

0.5 oz

 NT-110    Nail Tek Maintenance Plus I, 0..5 oz.    $4.99

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II, (new packaging)

For soft, peeling nails

Helps heal weak, thin, soft, or peeling nails. This unique protein formulation seals the layers of nail together. With each application, Intensive Therapy reinforces and thickens nails while promoting strength and flexibility.

0.5 oz

NT-55807ail Tek Intensive Therapy II, 0..5 oz. (new packaging) $4.99

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II

For soft, peeling nails

Helps heal weak, thin, soft, or peeling nails. This unique protein formulation seals the layers of nail together. With each application, Intensive Therapy reinforces and thickens nails while promoting strength and flexibility.

0.5 oz

NT-120    Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II, 0..5 oz.     $3.00


Nail Tek Protection Plus III

For dry, brittle nails

Provides extra conditioning for nails that are hard and brittle. This special formulation replenishes the natural moisture content of the nail. Applied daily, Protection Plus helps nails regain the healthy balance necessary to resist stress and enhance survivability.

0.5 oz

   NT-130    Nail Tek Protection Plus III, 0..5 oz.    $4.99


Nail Tek Xtra

For previously unsalvageable nails

Nail Tek Xtra is a highly effective treatment designed for nails resistant to conventional therapies. This concentrated formula provides the extra strength necessary to correct severe nail weakness. Nail Tek Xtra is the answer for nails previously thought to be unsalvageable.

0.5 oz

NT-140    Nail Tek Extra, 0.5 oz.    $5.25


Nail Tek Extend

Prolongs the life of your nail polish and treatments Whatever brand you use, refresh and replace essential solvents and you'll never waste a drop! 0.5 oz.


NT-150    Nail Tek Extend, 0.5 oz.     $3.45


Nail Tek Foundation II    

Ridge-filling strengthener

Fills unsightly ridges and nail damage while strengthening the natural nail. This unique base coat is a special blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro-fibers, and natural fillers. Foundation smoothes uneven nail surfaces while helping to grow healthy, beautiful nails.

0.5 oz

 NT-160    Nail Tek Foundation II, 0.5 oz.    $4.99 


Nail Tek Renew

Natural antifungal cuticle oil

Nourishes and conditions the cuticle while providing natural anti-fungal protection. This therapeutic cuticle oil is a unique blend of essential oils and rich moisturizers combined with natural anti-fungal ingredients.

0.5 oz

   NT-170    Nail Tek Renew, 0.5 oz.    $3.95


Nail Tek Quicken    

Fast Setting Polish Dryer

Ultra fast drying top coat especially formulated for natural nails. This unique formulation is specifically designed to set polish faster without sacrificing wear ability. Quicken accelerates drying time, keep polish from chipping and protects the natural nail.

0.5 oz

  NT-55520    Nail Tek Quicken, 0.5 oz.    $4.88


Nail Tek 10 Speed

Polish Drying Drops

  • Nail Tek 10 SPEED polish drying drops dry polish fast, fast, fast!
  • Dries anything to the touch in less than a minute so you can put your hand into purse or pocket or foot into a shoe without damaging your manicure
  • Never greasy and never leaves a greasy film
  • There is nothing as good as Nail Tek 10-SPEED!

NT-310    Nail Tek 10 Speed, 0..5 oz.    $4.99


Nail Tek 7 Days Absorption Enhancing Masque, 3 oz.

This unique pearlescent-green masque dries to a refreshing and effective skin treatment. Apply over Advanced Hydrating Crème for deep moisturization. As it is removed, thorough cleansing gently exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin.


NT-270    Nailtek 7 Days Absorption Enhancing Masque, 3 oz    $12.50


Nail Tek 7 Days to Beautiful Hands Advanced Hydrating Creme, 3 oz.

Advanced Hydrating Creme with a "MEMORY" helps store moisture deep within the skin. This crème reactivates on contact with water. Simply rinse hands to re-moisturize the hands.

NT-250    Nailtek 7 Days Advanced Hydrating Creme, 3 oz    $4.50


Nail Tek 7 Days to Beautiful Hands Foaming Skin Polish, 3 oz. & 8 oz.

With Sea Salts and Natural Marine Nutrients

This exclusive blend of natural sea salts and minerals leaves skin softer, smoother and more radiant. Naturally detoxifying seaweed cleanses and purifies while honey helps nourish and rehydrate dry, overworked skin. Fresh mint rejuvenates and enhances your sense of well being. Contains antifungal & antibacterial properties.

8 oz

NT-291    Nailtek 7 Days Foaming Skin Polish, 3 oz    $4.50



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