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Creative SolarOilil®

A rejuvenating blend of jojoba, rice bran and sweet almond oils infused with the power of vitamin E, penetrates deeply into your cuticles and nails to prevent them from becoming brittle and to promote healthy nail growth.

*out of stock* CR-14018     Creative SolarOil, 1/8 oz 40 bottle/pack   $47.45

CR-13003     Creative SolarOil, 0.25 oz    $4.50

CR-13002     Creative SolarOil, 0.5 oz    $6.98

*out of stock*  CR-13005     Creative SolarOil, 2.3 oz   $16.10

 CR13007      Creative SolarOil, 4 oz    $23.70

Creative Nail Design® - Rejuvenator, 0.5oz

A copper-peptide complex therapy for damaged skin.

Copper helps restore the skin's ability to repair itself and aids in collagen and elastin development, helping to increase elasticity and firmness of the skin. Peptides - a protein carrier that bonds to copper and creates a complex that penetrates deeply into the skin. Allantoin provides soothing skin protection from damaging environmental elements. Panthenol and Aloe act as powerful moisturizers.

To help speed and aid the natural repair process of damaged skin.

CR15065      Creative Rejuvenator, 0.5 oz      $6.18

Creative Nail Design® - Cuticle Eraser, 0.5oz

An alpha-hydroxy cuticle treatment.

A blend of alpha-hydroxy acids (A.H.A.'s) to micro exfoliate cuticles and condition nail plate and surrounding skin.

To help prevent cuticle build-up. Condition skin and prevent hangnails.

CR05101      Creative Cuticle Eraser , 0.5 oz      $5.22

CR05002      Creative Cuticle Eraser , 1.75 oz      $9.45


Creative Nail Design® - Ridge Out Base Coat 0.5oz

A ridge filling base coat designed to mask imperfections and anchor enamel to the nail. Fills ridges in the nail to create a smooth surface for enamel application. Creates a smooth surface. Camouflages nail imperfections.

CR15034      Creative Ridge Out, 0.5 oz      $4.03


Creative Nail Design® - Toughen Up Base Coat 0.5oz

A strengthening base coat. 2% DMU strengthens and toughens the natural nail. Improves nail enamel wearability. To strengthen thin, weak nails.

CR15016      Creative Toughen Up, 0.5 oz      $4.03


Creative Nail Design® - Stickey Basecoat

Perfect for natural nails and enhancements, this strong base coat binds enamel to the nail. Stickey acts as a gripping agent to prevent peeling and chipping, for a long-wearing, worry-free manicure.

CR-15014     Creative Stickey Basecoat, 0.33 oz      $4.03

 CR15020     Creative Stickey Basecoat, 2.3 oz      $9.74


Creative Nail Design® - Air Dry Top Coat 0.5oz

A protective, non-yellowing fast dry top coat. UV absorbers prevent yellowing and guard against fading and discoloration. For an instant, durable long-lasting shine.

   CR15026      Creative Air Dry, 0.33 oz      $4.03


Creative Nail Design Super Shiney®

For a high-gloss, fast acting, extra hard top coat, Super Shiney is the ultimate. One coat over Creative Nail Design® enamel will increase wearability and help prevent chipping and peeling. Or, apply one coat over natural nails for a mirror-like shine.

CR-15015     Creative Super Shiney, 0.33 oz      $4.03

CR15022     Creative Super Shiney, 2.3 oz      $9.74


Creative Nail Fresh

Natural Nail Deep Cleanser & Temporary Dehydrator

A natural nail temporary dehydrator for lift prone clients. Reduces lifting of enhancements and enamel on clients with high levels of moisture in their skin and nails. Removes excessive moisture and oil from the natural nail. Acts as power tool when used before Scrubfresh®.

1 oz

 CR-07001        Creative Nail Fresh, 1 oz.     $7.55









Creative Nail Design Solar Speed Spray® 4oz

Quickly dries enamel while imparting Solar Oil benefits.  If you are one of those women who paint your nails before bedtime or 5 minutes before your run out the door- this is the stuff for you!

  CR-14044     Creative  Solar Speed Spray, 4 oz      $9.45


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