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China Glaze Gotta Go! Top Coat, 0.5 oz.


CG-83444         China Glaze Gotta Go! Top Coat, 0.5 oz.        $4.50




China Glaze White Tea Extract Massage Oil, 2 oz.

White Tea Extract Manicure Massage Oil is a light textured oil rich in potent antioxidants that penetrate deep into the skin while brightening and revitalizing hands, nails and cuticles. White Tea contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

CG-77061         CG White Tea Extract Oil, 2 oz.       $6.25




Matte Magic, Flat Top Coat, 0.325 oz.

Magically transforms any color from shinny to matte in seconds flat.

CG-87-7206         CG Matte Magic Top Coat, 0.325 oz.        $3.00



Non-Yellowing Top Coat

Top Coat

Ultimate Non-Yellowing, Hi Gloss, Fast Drying topcoat. 0.5 oz.

**out of stock**   CG-77018           CG Non Yellowing Top Coat, 0.65 oz       $3.38



UV Light Activated Top Coat


Non Yellowing, Hi Gloss, Fast Drying top coat, 0.5 oz. ( use UV lamp to dry this top coat, 2 to 3 minutes)

DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free.

CG-77056         CG UV Light Activated Top Coat, 0.5 oz.        $6.95



Nail Strengthener & Growth Formula

Nail Fortifier
Vitamin and protein enriched formula that promotes healthy nail growth, and protects nails against splitting and cracking. 0.65 oz.

CG-88903      CG Nail Strengthener & Growth Formula, 0.5 oz.      $4.48




Ridge Filler

Nail Foundation
Use only on nails with pronounced ridges powerful protection against peeling of nail layers. The fiber rich formula weaves itself into a strong mesh  coating to create a durable surface. 0.65 oz.

CG-88904             CG Ridge Filler, 0.5 oz.           $3.68




No Chip Top Coat

Top Coat
This formula offers chip free control to provide maximum protection. It is brilliant, clear and glossy treatment that produces a durable top coat that can double the life of the lacquer. 0.65 oz.

  CG-88905         CG No Chip Top Coat, 0.5 oz.            $3.68




Calcium Gel Fortifier

Nail Fortifier
For weak nails or splitting nails, this thicker gel provides a more substantial coating than a tpokcal nail strengthener. Contains Vitamin B3 and Panthenol (pro Vitamin B5). The presence of Panthenol promotes retention which prevents drying and splitting of nails. 0.65 oz.

CG-88906           CG Calcium Gel Fortifier, 0.5 oz.        $4.48




First & Last

Base / Top Coat
This formula has a Calcium and Panthenol base which prevents the drying and splitting of nails. It is enriched with Vitamin A to increase moisture retention and add natural flexibility. 0.65 oz.

  CG-88907              CG First & Last, 0.5 oz.       $4.48




Strong Adhesion Base Coat

Base Coat

Strong Adhesion Base Coat. Bonding Base Coat Secures Nail Lacquer for Long Lasting Adhesion  0.5 oz.

   CG-88902   CG Strong Adhesion Base Coat, 0.5 oz.       $3.68




Orange Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Treatment

Orange Cuticle Oil penetrates deeply and quickly to soften cuticles and give natural nails increased flexibility and strength. 0.5 oz.


 CG-70612           CG Orange Cuticle Oil, 0.5 oz.      $3.68




Fast Freeze Quick Dry

Lacquer Drying Liquid
This revolutionary Formaldehyde and Toluene-free formula blends the latest advances in nail care research to create the fastest nail dryer possible. 0.65 oz.

   CG-88911           CG Fast Freeze Quick Dry, 0.5 oz.       $4.48




Fast Forward Top Coat

Top Coat
An extremely fast drying, protective formula top coat that extends the life of your color while adding brilliant shine. 0.65 oz.

   CG-88914           CG Fast Forward Top Coat, 0.5 oz.        $3.68



Patent Leather Top Coat

Top Coat

Gives nails an extreme hi-gloss shine as well as enhanced protection against chipping. Contains 40% more polymer for an extreme high gloss shine. 0.65 oz.

   CG-88915           CG Patent Leather Top Coat, 0.5 oz       $3.68


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