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Manicure Glove

Keep your hands warm during winter. Also could be use for gel manicure application. Black color. Made of Cotton, Polyester & Spandex. One size fits all.

   MANI-GLOVE      Manicure Glove, one pair     $2.88
   MANI-GLOVE-12    Manicure Glove, 12 pair     $30.00

Ralyn NightCare Gel Gloves envelop your hands in cool refreshing mineral oil infused gel, moisturizing your skin back to a natural, healthy look. This wonderful gel lines the entire inside of soft nylon gloves to moisturize the whole hand.

Our mineral oil gel constantly moisturizes the skin with medical grade mineral oil. This gel contains multiple oils each producing specific rejuvenating effects to the skin. We recommend that the gloves be worn for at least 20 minutes for minimum performance. One size fits mosts.

   17824        Nightcare Gel Gloves, one pair     $12.88


Manicure kit, disposable.

Kit contains, orangewood stick, plastic cuticle pusher, nail brush, black nail file 180/400 grit & 4 side shiny buffing block.

   DLC127        Manicure kit, disposable, each     $2.50
Gena MRX, All Purpose Antiseptic

MRX is the perfect antiseptic solution for most salon services. MRX meets requirements for a direct-skin contact antiseptic, and bears an FDA issued National Drug Code registration number, ensuring salon professionals the best antiseptic available.

  G01504        Gena Antiseptic, 4 oz.      $2.90
 **out of stock**  G01508        Gena Antiseptic, 8 oz.      $4.48

IBD Crystal Clear French, Instant Brush-On Nail System


- Perfect French Nails 2 Step Application.                                                     - Ultra Shine Finish.                                                                                   - Does Not Yellow.

Crystal Clear French System will give you blemish free nail beds, beautiful white tips and an ultra shine finish. No primer required, no harsh filing on the natural nails, thoroughly bonds with natural nails, provides flexibility with durability.

Kit contains: 6gm Builder Resin, 0.25 oz Activator, 0.25 oz Crystal Clear Powder, 20 French Tips, Nail Wipes & Sprinkle Spoon.

71845       IBD Crystal Clear French System    $9.98  

French Manicure Travel Kit


NEW! Just like its full-size sister, Secrets of the French Manicure Travel Kit offers the same quality products that clients have come to love and trust but is conveniently sized to take on vacations, carry with you to your favorite salon, or keep in your purse for those last minute parties. Perfect for the woman on the go and can be used to increase retail sales within salons.
Secrets of the French Manicure Travel Kit includes: Seche Clear™ Crystal Clear Base Coat .125oz, Seche Porcelain™ Nail Lacquer .125oz, Seche Rose™ Nail Lacquer .125oz, our world famous patented formula, Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat .125oz, nail file, nail edge assist guides and easy-to-follow trilingual instructions. All products in this kit are compatible for use with acrylics.

83074  Seche Secrets Of The French Manicure Travel Kit    $6.78  



Stone Eraser, nail finisher & cuticle remover (Hindo stone)

*Finishing Nails

 Cut and shape nail as desire, with stone eraser smooth the tip, underside and top.

*Removing Cuticle

Dip the tip of the stone eraser into warm water. Rub stone eraser back and forth on the surface of the cuticle until it is removed.


Length 4.3 inches

  ST-ERASER1        Stone eraser, each   $1.75

  ST-ERASER24      Stone eraser, 24/box   $36.00

Flowery Astringent Styptic Pencil

Stops bleeding from minor cuts. Perfect for shaving and insect bites. Made in USA.

ASP      Flowery Astringent Styptic Pencil    $1.98  

Flowery Nail White Pencil, 7"

Give yourself a natural french manicure, by using Flowery's nail white pencil. Just moisten the white tip and color the back of your nail

  NWP-7      Flowery Nail White Pencil, 7 inches    $2.88  

Flowery Natural Bath Pumice Stone

Made in USA


Made in America from volcanic pumice, great for removing all types of stains and smoothing calluses from hands and feet. Dimension - 3 1/4"x 1 1/4" x 1/2".

PSTONE-1      Flowery Pumice Stone, each    $1.98

PSTONE-12      Flowery Pumice Stone, 12 pieces    $19.80

CreativeSpa, Spa Manicure Mini Tote

    A selection of essential SpaManicure® products in a carry-all tote bag.
  • Exfoliating Crystals (4 oz.)
  • Crystal Activator (4 oz.)
  • Finishing Lotion (2 fl. oz.)
  • Nail Enamel (1/2 fl. oz.)

  CR09460        Creative Spa, Spa Manicure Mini Tote     $18.95

Creative SolarOil®

A rejuvenating blend of jojoba, rice bran and sweet almond oils infused with the power of vitamin E, penetrates deeply into your cuticles and nails to prevent them from becoming brittle and to promote healthy nail growth.

**out of stock** CR-14018  1/8 oz 40 bottle/pack   $47.45

CR-13003   0.25 oz    $4.50

CR-13002   0.5 oz    $6.98

CR-13005   2.3 oz    $16.10

 CR13007    4 oz    $23.70


Creative Cuticle Away, 6 oz.

A professional strength cuticle remover and callus softener. Dissolves dead skin (cuticle) for easy removal from the nail plate. Breaks down tough calluses. Aloe counterbalances the drying effects of Sodium Hydroxide. Allows for quick, easy and thorough nail prep. Provides fast and effective treatment for calluses. Thick formula allows for safe, controlled application.

CR07050      Creative Cuticle Away, 6oz        $7.50



Creative Nail Designs Glossing Buffer Block

4000-Grit/Slick shiny surface padded buffer.

For finishing enhancements and natural nails.

Four sided buffer brings nails to a glossy shine without oils or top coats.

May be disinfected.

CR11055     CND Glossing Buffer Block, Pack of 4    $10.40

CR11055-1     CND Glossing Buffer Block, each    $3.10

Creative, Koala Buffer, 50/pack


•   A 240/1200 grit gray and black buffer. For edge refinement, smoothing and finishing enhancements and for shaping and smoothing ridges on natural nails. (50 pk.)
•   Soft padded abrasive conforms to the nail, eliminating flat spots.
•   Two grit sizes allow for versatile enhancement use.

CR11043     Creative, Koala Buffer, 50/pack    $32.25



Flash Shiner, 2-Way Shiny Nail Files

7" X 0.75"

FLASHFILE-1     Flash Shiner File, each    $0.99

FLASHFILE-35     Flash Shiner File, each    $31.15



Large Glass File, 2 sided

Glass nail file for all nail types, this high quality file is durable. Hygienic and easy to clean. Individually wrapped in plastic bag. Overall length 7.6 inches x 0.8" width.

    GLASS-FILE         Large Glass File, each     $3.88

Essie Crystal File

The imported crystal nail file is the ultimate nail file. Specially designed with an ever-lasting abrasive surface, it is the essential manicure tool for natural nails. It can be washed, sanitized, or sterilized for repeated use. The Crystal File prevents natural nails from splitting and peeling. The shock resistant container protects the Crystal File from breaking. Ideal for salon or at-home use.

Also available Essie Mini Crystal File. Comes in a shock resistant container. Length is 3.7".

**out of stock**      E4900         Essie Crystal File        $7.00

Swissco Emery Glass

Glass nail file for all nail types, this high quality file is durable. Hygienic and easy to clean. Comes in assorted color tip handle. Overall length 5.5 inches.

    SWISSCO         Swissco Emery Glass, each         $5.98  $4.68

The Chrome File

Two-sided, Precision crafted chrome file. Shapes and finishes. Use plastic tip handle for gentle cuticle care. Use for shaping nails and cleaning under nails. Can be used for manicure and pedicure. Overall length 6 inches.

    TX27660         Chrome Nail File, 6"         $2.98

Seche French Guides

Nail edge assist guides for the ultimate French manicure. Half moon shape, 156 guides. Comes with instruction.

**out of stock**    SC83088         Seche French Guides          $2.18


Orly French Manicure White Tip Guide

Exclusive guides will help you apply your French Manicure accurately and consistently every time. Half-moon (26 guides) .

OR-42012 Orly French Manicure Guide, Half Moon, 52 guides.   $2.45



Infa-lab, Magic Touch

Stops minor cut bleeding

Use to stop bleeding on minor cut or scrapes; relief of minor skin irritations due to minor cut or scrapes.

INFA   Infa-Lab - Magic Touch, 0.5 oz., each   $3.00

INFA-12   Infa-Lab - Magic Touch, 0.5 oz., 12 pack   $30.00

Blue Cross Cuticle Remover Lanolin Enriched                              Quick, Easy , Safe. The Surest Way To Remove Cuticle

Since 1933, Blue Cross beauty products has provided salons with what has become the industry benchmark in cuticle remover. Available in 6 oz., 16 oz. & 32 oz.

 **out of stock**  BCCR-6        Blue Cross Cuticle Remover, 6 oz.    $3.00
   BCCR-16        Blue Cross Cuticle Remover, 16 oz.    $5.00
 **out of stock**  BCCR-32        Blue Cross Cuticle Remover, 32 oz.    $7.50
Be Natural, Cuticle Eliminator

Removes cuticle in seconds. Cuticle Eliminator does the work for you and saves you time! It quickly and effectively removes even the toughest cuticle growth. Use with manicure, pedicure and artificial nail services. Available in 2 oz. & 18 oz.

 **out of stock** CUTICLE-E-2        Cuticle eliminator 2 oz.    $4.95
  CUTICLE-E-18        Cuticle eliminator 18 oz.    $15.95

Christine Ashley, Creamy Cuticle Remover & Conditioner

Helps soften the cuticle around the nail, use for easy cuticle remover.

  CA56658 C.A. Creamy Cuticle Remover & Conditioner, 16 oz.   $3.00


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