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IBD, Nail Repair Kit.

Repair broken nails instantly. Strengthens natural nail tips.

Kit contains: 5 Second Nail Glue (0.07 oz,/ 2gm), 5 Second Nail Filler Powder (0.14 oz/ 4gm) & One Disc-O File.


  71500        IBD Nail Repair Kit.    Price: $7.00

IBD, Nail Filler Clear.

  IBD-FILLER        IBD Nail Filler, 0.14 oz./3.9 gm.    Price: $3.00
  IBD-FILLER-2  IBD Nail Filler, 0.14 oz./3.9 gm, 12 pcs/pk Price: $30.00

IBD, Nail glue.

5 second professional nail glue, 2 gram. Comes with 2gm. glue, extender tip storage tube and instruction.

  IBD-GLUE        IBD Professional Nail Glue, 2 gm.    Price: $2.50

IBD, Gel glue.

The best adhesive for tip bonding! Quick-set adhesion in a gel glue fills gaps and is excellent for problem nails. The easy twist-to-open cap eliminates spills and messes.

  IBD-GELGLUE        IBD Gel Glue, 4 gm.    Price: $4.00

IBD, Brush on glue.

Easy brush-on application. Perfect for natural nails, artificial nails and tips. Fast drying, durable and more moisture-resistant than any other adhesive. Excellent for salon retail! Great 6 gram value!

  IBD-BONG     IBD Brush On Nail Glue, 6 gm   Price: $3.00

IBD, Brush on gel resin.

Easy brush-on application. Thicker formula is ideal for wraps and strengthening natural nails. Adhesive holds its shape without running, and blends well with Filler Powders for maximum strength and flexibility. Excellent for salon retail!

 IBD-BOGR     IBD Brush On Gel Resin, 6 gm   Price: $3.00

Generic nail glue

Similar to the IBD brand, fast drying. Cost effective. 2 gram.

  GB-GLUE           Nail Glue, 2 gm.   Price: $1.20
  GB-GLUE12       Nail Glue, 2 gm., 12pcs/pk   Price: $12.00
  GB-GLUE50       Nail Glue, 2 gm., 50pcs/pk   Price: $40.00
  GB-GLUE100     Nail Glue, 2 gm., 100pcs/pk   Price: $55.00

Glue Dispenser Pin (5 pieces per bag)

Insert the dispenser pin into the opened glue tip so the glue will not clog or dry.

  GLUEPIN        Glue dispenser pin, 5/pack    Price: $1.50

Extra Fine Glue Extend Tip (10 pieces per bag)

Use it to squeeze glue into tiny gap between tip and nail and to apply fine glue line.

  GLUETIP        Glue extend tip, 10/pack    Price: $1.15

Resin Extend Tip (10 pieces per bag)

Use with thicker glue or resin for smooth flow and spread evenly onto surface.

  RESINTIP        Resin  extend tip, 10/pack    Price: $1.15


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