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Blossom Scented Cuticle Oil

moisturizing formula, infused with real flowers.


Honeysuckle Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50


Lavender Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

**out of stock**


Jasmine Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

**out of stock**


Spring Bouquet Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

**out of stock**


Hibiscus Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50


Lilac Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

**out of stock**

Apple Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

**out of stock**

Cherry Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

**out of stock**

Grape Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

**out of stock**

Lemon Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

Orange Scent, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

**out of stock**

Strawberry Scent

, 0.5 oz.

(Cuticle Oil)


Price: $3.50

**out of stock**




Essie Professional Nail Brightening System Intro Kit.

Instantly makes nails brighter

3 step system improves nail stains and discolorations by 97%

Kit includes:

Bright Time Nail Soak - Citric acid + Peroxide salt : This cleansing effervescent soak helps reduce the appearance of nail discoloration, leaving nails brighter looking with a healthy luster.

1x Go Bright Nail Scrub - Citric acid + Glycerin : Formulated specifically for nails, this scrub gently exfoliates and helps reduce the appearance of discoloration, leaving nails bright and radiant.

1x Back To Bright Nail Cleanser - Citric acid + Glycerin : This spray cleanses and leaves nails looking refreshed, free of oil residue and ready to be polished to perfection.

1x Product guide & Tutorial booklet.

1x Service price list.

1x Window decal

12x Customer brochures.

  ENBS     Essie Pro. Nail Brightening System Kit.    Price: $28.98



IBD, Nail Repair Kit.

Repair broken nails instantly. Strengthens natural nail tips.

Kit contains: 5 Second Nail Glue (0.07 oz,/ 2gm), 5 Second Nail Filler Powder (0.14 oz/ 4gm) & One Disc-O File.


  71500        IBD Nail Repair Kit.    Price: $5.00

Supernail Bite No More, 0.5oz.

A fast effective way to end the nail biting habit & stimulate healthy nail growth. Bite No More is clear and can be used over polish.

06050   Supernail Bite No More, 0.5 oz.    $2.80


Ez Flow Fast Finish Topcoat, 0.5oz.

Fast Finish is designed specifically to get your client on their way fast. With a dry time of approximately 45 seconds the nail will have a long lasting finish. Rapid drying with lasting shine.

EZ66100   Ez Flow Fast Finish Topcoat, 0.5 oz.    $2.00


Ez Flow Never Yellow Sealer, 0.5oz.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: exposure to the elements, including sunlight, can discolor enamel, turning the polish or even colorless lacquer muddy-looking. This super-glossy sealant top coat protects lacquer from yellowing, dries in a flash.

EZ66103   Ez Flow Never Yellow Sealer, 0.5 oz.    $2.50

Probelle Touch n Grow Nail Hardener
Probelle Nail Hardener.
  • Cure, Repair, and Restore Damaged Nails
  • Hardens the nails and stops chipping
  • Prevents Cracking and Peeling of Nails
  • Grow Nails Strong and Healthy
  • 2-4 Weeks Amazing Improvements


Probelle Nail Hardener with Garlic & Lime

  • Maintains Whiteness and protects against fungus
  • Hardens the nails and stops chipping
  • Cure, Repair, and Restore Damaged Nails
  • Grow Nails Strong and Healthy
  • Use with normal manicure to maintain healthy nails
Size: 0.5 oz.

40378   Probelle Nail Hardener, 0.5 oz.    $7.00

40379   Probelle Nail Hardener with Garlic & Lime, 0.5 oz.    $7.00

M Nail Magic, 0.5 oz.

nail hardener & conditioner

  • Strengthens natural nails so they grow long and strong in just 60 days
  • Use as a base coat, top coat or as a clear polish
  • .5 oz

10007   M Nail Magic, 0.5 oz.    $8.88

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

One of the greatest nail hardeners on the market! Use it daily. 100% guarantee to grow your nails healthy and strong. Watch the difference only after a week of use.
The Original Quimica Alemana Nail Care Product is imported directly from Colombia. There is no better product on the market today for long-term nail care. Positive results appear almost instantly and in a matter of a short few weeks the benefits of longer, harder, stronger, beautiful and permanent nails will become a reality. This is a natural, effective, alternative solution for healthy beautiful nails.

Size: .47 oz.

130002   Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener, 0.47 oz.    $7.50

Nail Alive, Gooey Sticky Base Coat, 1.19 oz.

• Large 1.19 oz bottle
• Sticky in between adhesive base coat which holds polish to nail from underneath. Keeps polish on!
• Makes a smooth base on nail for the perfect manicure
• Dries fast to a tacky base
•Holds-on polish


General Directions:

Apply one coat of Gooey Basecoat to nail and follow with favorite polish.

NA-GBC   Nail Alive Gooey Base Coat, 1.19 oz.    $5.28

Formula 10

Hurry Up Ultra Fast Polish Dry & Top Coat, 0.5 oz.



Revolutionizing fast brush on polish dryer. Hurry UP! is at it again by becoming an industry standard in the brush on polish dryer category

F10-HUTC   Formula 10 Hurry Up Top Coat Coat, 0.5 oz.    $2.98

Nail Alive, Can't Chip It, 1.19 oz.

• Large 1.19 fl. oz. bottle
• Brush On Polish Protector

• Helps Make Polish Last Longer

General Directions:

After applying your favorite polish, simply brush on one coat of Can't Chip It.

NA-CCI   Nail Alive Can't Chip It, 1.19 oz.    $5.28

Nail Alive, Dry Hard, 1.19 oz.

• Large 1.19 fl. oz. bottle
• Brush On Polish Hardener

t>• Makes Polish Hard & Shiny in 45 Seconds

General Directions:

After applying your favorite polish, simply brush on one coat of Dry Hard.

NA-DH   Nail Alive Dry Hard, 1.19 oz.    $5.28

Nail Alive, Nail Hardener, 1.19 oz.

• Large 1.19 fl. oz. bottle
• Only a 7 day program
• For nails which are weak, split, soft, cracked, or peeling nails
• Helps obtain strong, healthy, and beautiful nails

General Directions:

1. Apply 1 base coat of Nail Hardener, let dry. Apply nail polish if desired, let dry. Reapply Nail Hardener
2. Apply 1 coat DAILY for maintaining healthy, strong, beautiful nails.

3. Remove weekly with nail polish remover, and repeat step 1.

NA-NH   Nail Alive Nail Hardener, 1.19 oz.    $5.28

Nail Alive, 6 Second Polish Dryer, 1.19 oz.

• Large 1.19oz. bottle
• Easy drop-on application
• Pleasant aroma therapeutic finish to a perfect manicure

• Dries polish fast ~ 6 Seconds
• Leaves polish super shiny

• Dries polish and moisturizes cuticles

General Directions:

1. After polishing nails put 1 drop of polish dryer on each nail. (Holding dropper horizontally gives better control)
2. Massage residual product into cuticles and hands for a moisturizing, conditioning effect.

NA-6SPD   Nail Alive 6 Second Polish Dryer, 1.19 oz.    $5.28

Formula 10, Lemon-Brite Cuticle Remover & Nail Britener, 1 oz.

General Directions:

  1. Remove cap. With opening directed at cuticle, gently squeeze bottle and apply.
  2. Carefully loosen cuticle with applicator tip and cuticle pusher.
  3. Rub into nails and wait 3-5 minutes. Cream will brighten yellow nails while remover cuticle.
  4. Be careful not to touch eyes while using.

F10-LB   Formula 10, Lemon-Brite Cuticle Remover, 1 oz.    $3.48

Formula 10, Pink Creamy Cuticle Remover, 1 oz.

General Directions:

  1. Remove cap. With opening directed at cuticle, gently squeeze bottle and apply.
  2. Carefully loosen cuticle with applicator tip and cuticle pusher.
  3. Rub into nails and wait 3-5 minutes.
  4. Be careful not to touch eyes while using.

F10-PC   Formula 10, Pink Cuticle Remover, 1 oz.    $3.48

Bio-Oil, Specialist Moisturizer, 2 oz. & 4 oz.

BioOil is a specialist skincare oil for the face and body, specifically formulated to help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. BioOil's unique combination of ingredients are highly effective for ageing skin and provide significant relief from the discomfort associated with dry, itchy and flaky skin.

BIOOIL-2   Bio-Oil, 2 oz.    $9.50

BIOOIL-4   Bio-Oil, 2 oz.    $15.00

Omega Labs, Ultimate Growth 2, 0.5 oz.
  • Grow stronger, longer, healthier nails.
  • Restores & rebuilds weak brittle natural nails.
  • Excellent for nail biters.

OLUG1   OL Ultimate Growth 2, 0.5 oz.    $5.88

OLUG6   OL Ultimate Growth 2, 6 bottles X 0.5 oz.    $29.40

Omega Labs, Fungus Treatment, 0.5 oz.

The STRONGEST most EFFECTIVE over the counter fungicide without a prescription. Helps control unsightly nail problems. Works over nail lacquers and artificial nails. Healthy nails in 12 weeks after use! Restores nail integrity for fungus infected nails, due to acrylic use or natural infections. FDA approved active ingredient.

OLFT1   OL Fungus Treatment, 0.5 oz.    $6.88

OLFT6   OL Fungus Treatment, 6 bottles X 0.5 oz.    $34.40

Non-Prescription Antifungal Nail Gel
  • Penetrates quickly and effectively to kill fungus
  • No need to remove nail polish for daily treatments
  • Fast results
  • Easy to apply

V20-G   Vite20 Antifungal Gel, 0.5 oz.    $7.38


Diamond Dry Top coat by Prolinc.

(Fast Drying Topcoat)

Prolinc Diamond Dry Top Coat 0.5 oz Features an exclusive molecular blending process that quickly dries and seals all layers of polish, creating an extremely hard, durable finish with a dazzling shine. Dries hard and fast. Brilliant shine that outlasts other top coats. Non-thickening formula.

00112   Diamond Dry Top coat, 0.5 oz.    $5.18

Duri Miracote , 0.61 oz.

(super fast dry through topcoat)

Wet look finish.

DURI-MIRACOTE   Duri Miracote, 0.61 oz.    $5.75

Duri Brush N Go , 0.61 oz.

(dry and shine speedy topcoat)

Dry and shine wet look topcoat.

DURI-BNG   Duri Brush N Go, 0.61 oz.    $4.75

Duri Rejuvacote , 0.61 oz.

(Topcoat/Basecoat treatment)

Heal and cure your split, cracked and acrylic eaten nails. In a matter of weeks you will enjoy the look and feel of strong, vital, natural nails. For use: Begin with clean dry nails. Apply one coat of Rejuvacote as base coat. Apply nail color if desired. Apply Rejuvacote as top coat, daily.

DURI-REJ0.61   Duri Rejuvacote, 0.61 oz.    $6.95


Dr. G's Clear Nail AntiMicrobial Solution

Active agent kills bacteria, fungus, mold, yeast and viruses. Patented delivery system penetrates to the site of infection. No need to remove polish, acrylics or artificial nail enhancements. No harsh acids, alcohols, or odors. No toluene or formaldehyde. Clinically tested and salon proven.

** $6.00 off when you buy the 6 pack, use " 6OFFDRG10002" limited quantity offer**

DG-11000   Dr. G's Clear Nail, 0.6 oz    $7.50

DG-10002   Dr. G's Clear Nail, 0.6 oz 6/pack    $42.99


Bio-Med Intensive Formula, 0.5 oz.

  • Protect nails from damage.

  • Protect nails from detergents and water as it could cause splitting and peeling.

  • Patch nails as soon as they break, then apply Bio-Med as top coat.

  • Grow nails sensibly depending on your activity and your lifestyle, nail tip should extend no further than one third the body of the nail.

  • Nails break less when shaped square or round.

  • Use Bio-Med daily.

  • Contains Triticum, a natural hydrolyzed wheat protein, known for its conditioning & moisturizing characteristics.

00102     Bio-Med Intensive Formula, 0.5oz., each    $8.88  $6.88




Gena Nail Brite, 4 oz, "Free Brush"

Cleans, conditions and brightens nails' natural luster. Natural lemon bleaching agent. Special whiteners. Conditioning cleanser. Includes a manicure brush. 4 oz

G02027     Gena Nail Brite, 4 oz.    $3.28


Gena Hoof Lacquer, 0.5 oz

The "Top Coat" secret of horse trainer. Quick drying, Hi-Gloss, U.V. protector. Ideal for personal nail care. 0.5 oz.

G02081     Gena Hoof Lacquer, 0.5 oz.    $2.38

G02081-12     Gena Hoof Lacquer, 0.5 oz., 12 pack    $25.70




Gena Healthy Hoof Cream, 1 oz

Intensive protein treatment for nails. The "Top Coat" secret of horse trainer. The original equestrian formula used by horse trainers. 1 oz.

*out of stock* G02070     Gena Healthy Hoof Cream, 1 oz.    $2.98


Gena Tea Tree Oil, 0.5 oz

Australia's natural antiseptic. Combats everything from athlete's foot to insect bites & stings. 100% oil of Melaleuca alternifolia 1/2 oz.

G02042     Gena Tea Tree Oil, 0.5 oz.    $6.25

G02042-12     Gena Tea Tree Oil, 0.5 oz., 12 pack    $67.50

INM, Out The Door Top Coat, Matte


Available in 0.5 oz.

OTDM-05   Out The Door Top Coat Matte, 0.5 oz.    $3.20 $2.98

INM, Out The Door Top Coat

Out the Door's long wearing, high gloss finish will not yellow. Use alone or over any polish to accelerate the drying time. Available in 0.5 oz 2.5 oz. 4 oz. or 16 oz. (refill size)


OTD-05   Out The Door Top Coat, 0.5 oz.    $3.20 $2.98

OTD-2.5     Out The Door Top Coat, 2.5 oz.    $6.88

OTD-4     Out The Door Top Coat, 4 oz.    $8.68

OTD-16     Out The Door Top Coat, 16 oz.    $16.88

INM, Northern Light Gold/ Silver Top Coat

OTDG-05   Northern Light Gold Topcoat, 0.5 oz.    $4.18

OTDG-25   Northern Light Gold Topcoat, 2.5 oz.    $9.18

*out of stock* OTDS-05   Northern Light Silver Topcoat, 0.5 oz.    $4.18

OTDS-25   Northern Light Silver Topcoat, 2.5 oz.    $9.18


INM, Premium Cuticle Oil, 0.5 oz.


INM-CO-AL   INM Cuticle Oil, Almond, 0.5 oz.    $3.00

INM-CO-GT   INM Cuticle Oil, Green Tea, 0.5 oz.    $3.00

INM-CO-KH   INM Cuticle Oil, Kiwi Hemp, 0.5 oz.    $3.00

INM-CO-TG   INM Cuticle Oil, Tangerine Ginger, 0.5 oz.    $3.00



INM, Pro-Tech  Natural Nail Strengthener, 0.5 oz.

Pro-Tech Natural Nail Strengthener is designed to shield and defend your nails from attack, harm, or injury.

INM-PT05   INM Pro-Tech, 0.5 oz.    $4.25


INM, Clear Bond Basecoat, 0.5 oz.

This clear, fast drying, bonding base coat lengthens the life of nail color by forming a molecular bond between the nail enhancement and the polish. Creates a smooth finish for polishing.

INM-CB05   INM Clear Bond, 0.5 oz.    $3.18

INM, Milky Bond Basecoat, 0.5 oz.

"Polish lasts longer"
A thicker opaque colored bonding basecoat that smoothes out small imperfections on the surface of the nail. This milky colored bonding base coat lengthens the life of nail color by forming a molecular bond between the nail plate and the polish.


INM-MB05   INM Milky Bond, 0.5 oz.    $3.18

INM, Ridge Free, Ridgefiller, Milky White, 0.5 oz.

"Get off to a Smooth Start" This rich creamy, protein enriched nail treatment formula has been effectively designed to fill in all ridges and imperfections on the surface of the nail, insuring a smooth, even nail finish.


INM-RF05   INM Ridge Free, 0.5 oz.    $3.18

INM, Total Eclipse, Non Yellowing Top Coat

Non-Yellowing U.V. blocking topcoat, Total Eclipse is an optical enhancer that protects nails from the yellowing effects of ultra violet rays, while accentuating the natural pink of the nail bed, and white of the free edge. The perfect top coat for french manicures!


INM-TE05   INM Total EclipseTopcoat, 0.5 oz.    $3.20

INM-TE25   INM Total EclipseTopcoat, 2.5 oz.   $6.88


INM, Look Wet, Ultra High Gloss Topcoat, 0.5 oz.

Looks Wet is a rose tinted blend of acrylic resins that deliver a durable high gloss finish so shiny that the nails still look wet...after drying. Perfect for finishing nail art!

**out of stock** INM-LW05   INM Look Wet Topcoat, 0.5 oz.    $3.18

Super Nail Buffing Cream

Use buffing cream with a chamois buffer on natural nails for a rapid, brilliant shine. 2 oz.

BUFFCREAM   SN Buffing Cream, 2 oz.    $3.39


IBD Intense Seal *(a UV light is needed to cure it.)

Introduces the latest technology in gel perfection; Intense Seal: 100% UV Dry. The only no-cleanse sealer, on the market, that provides a protective seal while eliminating buffing and yielding a mirror glass finish. Used on gels, acrylics and wraps, maintaining artificial nails is no longer arduous. This buffer-in-a-bottle seals the cuticle and creates a smooth surface, while preventing solvent attack, as well as, polish stains. That means no more yellow Frenchs; the built in U.V. Blockers keep nails gorgeous and lily white.

Intense Seal allows you to save precious minutes with a one-step, preventative lifting seal. No cleansing, no buffing; just brush, cure, and go! IBD Introduces the Ultimate time saver for nail technicians.


    IBD-ISEAL   IBD Intense Seal, 0.5 oz.    $13.95


No Miss Fungus Killer

For the cure of Dematophytic fungus (tinea corporis, ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch).  Helps kill fungus, mold, yeast and bacteria on infected areas.  Contains no oil.   Eyedropper applicator, 0.25 oz.

NM-103  Fungus Killer, each    $4.95

NM-103P   Fungus Killer, 6/pack    $28.95


Varisi Restore Problem Nails

Eliminates bacteria fungus and mold.  Prevents the penetration of fungi into the nail bed. Combats the reoccurrence of fungi in the nail and skin. Works over polish and acrylics. No oil, no odor, and no formaldehyde.

0.5 oz

VA-001   Varisi Restore, each    $6.88

VA-002   Varisi Restore, 6/pack     $36.00

Blue Cross Cuticle Remover Lanolin Enriched                             

Quick, Easy , Safe. The Surest Way To Remove Cuticle

Since 1933, Blue Cross beauty products has provided salons with what has become the industry benchmark in cuticle remover. Available in 6 oz., 16 oz. & 32 oz.

**Only shippable to USA address**

  BCCR-6        Blue Cross Cuticle Remover, 6 oz.    $2.20
   BCCR-16        Blue Cross Cuticle Remover, 16 oz.    $3.30
  BCCR-32        Blue Cross Cuticle Remover, 32 oz.  $5.50
Be Natural, Cuticle Eliminator

Removes cuticle in seconds. Cuticle Eliminator does the work for you and saves you time! It quickly and effectively removes even the toughest cuticle growth. Use with manicure, pedicure and artificial nail services. Available in 2 oz. & 4 oz.

*out of stock*   CUTICLE-E-1        Cuticle eliminator 1 oz.    $3.00
   CUTICLE-E-4        Cuticle eliminator 4 oz.    $7.95
   CUTICLE-E-18        Cuticle eliminator 18 oz.    $24.50


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